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Support your Green Tech with LIFE programme

At Inspiralia we are helping secure non-dilutive grant funding under the new LIFE Programme. With a 5.5Bn€ budget for 2021-27, it funds innovative projects focused on climate action or the environment. Projects are typically single stage (no need of an interview!) and can be applied as a single entity or with a consortium. Funding is 60% and project budgets are typically around 5m€. The next calls are on the 30th of November 2021. If you are interested, hurry, get in touch. Places are limited!

On the other hand, at FEN we are celebrating a new deal! Bosch Lawn and Garden have recently agreed for Fen to provide design services for a key tranche in their product development roadmap ensuring the 8 plus year long relationship continues well into 2022. Fen’s skills and experience in developing communications solutions will ensure Bosch’s products will remain at the leading edge of cellular standards, as they continue to evolve. Let´s keep growing together!

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