Let us handle your Project Management!

Use your company’s time and resources wisely; let us take care of the Project Management so you can focus on developing your idea into something even greater.

When you come up with a solution that has the potential to improve society or renovate the way things are being done today all you want to focus on is how to maximize the impact, right!?

That is when our Project Management services can help you enhance the workflow and save your business a substantial amount of time and resources, making sure you don’t lose track of all the vital details and simultaneously account for the interests of all involved stakeholders during the lifecycle of the project.

At Inspiralia we have had the pleasure of supporting the companies behind two of the first projects to recently, and not to mention successfully, finalize since the start of the H2020 framework program. An important milestone for our clients and naturally for us aswell.

When our Italian client Aleph made the choice to put their project LaForte in the hands of our expert staff at the Project Management Office it allowed us to provide them with a service offer adjusted to their specific needs. By being proactive andby paying attention to even the smallest details we had their back throughout the project’s different stages.

The project itself set out to meet the printing requirements of the fashion industry for a cost-saving solution with lower response times and larger flexibility in manufacturing. There was also an opportunity to be explored for a usage stretching beyond the textile horizon bringing a new application to glass production, public/civil signal, and large format art-communication printing. The novelty in the printing process is the application of vacuum to fix the printing paper substituting glue and thereby eliminating the use of dissolvent and reducing the water quantities by 60%, making the process much more environmentally friendly.

This new generation of printers was honored with the “Future Textile Award 2017” at Techtextil 2017 in Frankfurt atthe beginning of May this year, an additional re-compensation for everyone involved.

With the second project in question, coordinated by Slovakian company M SORA, Inspiralia enabled the final stage of the project, the vital Technical Development, by indirectly providing the financial aid needed for the Wintherwax project to follow through with its R&D.

Our Advanced Materials lab was involved in the product testing and data collection that took place during the R&D necessary to make the final adjustments to the product before its release on the market.

The result is a product that now allows them to answer to the current market demands and offer their clients an eco-friendlier and an aesthetically more appealing wooden window.

For a more detailed story on the Wintherwax project and our contribution click here!

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