Inspiralia: July, a month to explore and drive into new business opportunities

Last month’s main focus was international expansion and new intelligent house solutions.

Events and projects came in the spotlight to reaffirm Inspiralia’s commitment to innovation.

Here is a summary with the most relevant news so you do not lose track.

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Fen Technology Targets Slice of Italy’s Flourishing R&D Market

Our new product development company, Fen Technology is expanding into the flourishing Italian electronic design market, having secured a commercial partnership with Europartner Group.

“The Italian market for digital, sensor and smart wireless technological innovations is now fast-expanding, in part due to the government’s Industry 4.0 Plan. With this accelerated demand for taking innovative technology concepts through prototype, manufacturing and then to market, we are thrilled to now offer access to the smart, creative and experienced electronic design specialists at Fen Technology.”

Read the full story.


Technology is a great enabler for the modern homeowner

The smart home that helps you manage energy consumption.

In recent years affordable tech solutions have allowed for the development of energy efficiency solutions that interact closely with the smart home. Read the news


Inspiralia’s Summer Q-Meeting 2018

The company is experiencing in terms of diversification of both its product and service portfolio together with its geographical expansion.

What’s next at Inspiralia? the decisive point the company is experiencing in terms of diversification of both its product and service portfolio together with its geographical expansion.



Collective intelligence

The two-day summit was aimed at sharing the best practices and fostering European growth in innovation and technology.

We understand the term as a kind of wisdom and knowledge that grows out of a group. The concept of collective intelligence suggests that when people work together, they form a type of intelligence that simply cannot exist at an individual level. More about collective intellingence

Have a look at the sum up video.

collective intelligence so important at Inspiralia

HomeBiogas has developed an advanced and cost-effective off-grid converter

To treat household waste look at this system that produces clean energy without any electricity.

HomeBiogas 2.0


300M people don’t know they’re afflicted. Let’s change that. 28th of July, is World Hepatitis Day, let’s fight against diseases like hepatitis and improve health worldwide!

Inspiralia has always searched for health solutions that truly help people and we have worked with many companies within the health field. Read the news

Click to read more about our other health and wellbeing projects

fight against diseases like hepatitis to improve health worldwide
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