Inspiralia IoT Solutions

Surely, you’ve heard about IoT ! At Inspiralia we help our clients improve their innovations by adding IoT technologies to the equation. But how do we do it?

Imagine for example a portable Photo-Voltaic plant that autonomously could bring 12kW of power. The PV plant includes a high performance two-axis solar tracker that can be transported in a maritime container to any place on the globe and automatically starts generating electrical power where needed.

This solution can be used by a large number of energy-demanding elements that are able to benefit from its off-grid energy systems, not only due to the lack of access to other energy sources but also as efficiency is increased by using hybrid energy generation systems.

Our solutions make it possible to control and monitor the PV power generation performance of the solar tracker that shares the information through the cloud via a 2G/3G connection. Real-time information can be accessed using any device connected to the internet, from PCs to mobile devices. So, by applying an Internet of Things-solution, solar power can be distributed where it’s most needed!

For more information please contact Francesco di Martino

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