Introducing digital contract signing

A key step forward in our digitalization process with high impact for our clients.

One year ago, we partnered up with DocuSign, the leader in Digital Transaction Management, to integrate their eSignature technology with our platform and CRM applications. After using their solution to sign our client NDAs for almost a year, our legal department last week announced the extension of the service to include further agreements as a pilot project.

Being able to manage the contract signing process in a safer and faster manner is one of the part goals and a steppingstone to reaching the next level in the company digital transformation that is being phased out at Inspiralia. With just a few clicks we’ll get those contracts signed while diminishing frustration on both ends by shortening lead times.

At times when the digital transformation is all the rage, it’s ironic that in the final moment of closing a deal we are still governed by paper signatures. With this solution, we’re closing this often overlooked digital gap while bringing customer experience one step forward in the digital age.

Each step in the digitalization process is being taken with a customer friendly thinking in mind and we hope our clients will share our enthusiasm and see the benefits as we gradually roll out more features.

In this primary phase, the service will not be extended to include all types of agreements but we will soon be able to launch on all levels!

For a flashback to when our Business Systems & Quality Assurance Manager was appointed “Digitalization Hero” by DocuSign take a look!

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