Inspiralia USA Inc. is well prepared to take on 2021

The last three years of work at Inspiralia USA Inc. has secured funding for more than 70 U.S. companies

Although this was not the first step towards a product/service diversification taken by the group, it represented a first when it came to achieving results through organic growth, taking an existing service to a completely new and in many ways different market.

Since the company initiated its activities back in 2018, the original business model has been consolidated and the return on the large investment made by the group in the last years to accomplish its trans-oceanic expansion has started to bear fruit.

The overall support provided by Inspiralia USA Inc. to small businesses in achieving access to non-dilutive public funding (SBIR & STTR programs) for the development of new products and technologies has made the company become one of the main leaders in this niche market, nationwide. However, and despite the focus on this specific consulting area, the service portfolio offered by the company did also evolve throughout these last three years and additional services have been progressively added to the initial portfolio. All these services are linked to the typical New Product Development-cycle and include R&D services (data science, statistics, simulation, SW/HW, or IoT solutions), marketing & commercialization, or access to private funding.

As of January 2021, Inspiralia USA is formed by a group of more than 100 professionals (35 of them full-time employees), located in Miami, New York, and Boston. Together they have managed to secure funding for more than 70 companies located in different parts of the country and operating in different sectors through most of the existing Federal Agencies and Departments (including NSF, NIH, DoE, DoD, and USDA).

For more information, please take a moment to browse through our website, or feel free to write to us directly at with any doubt you may have. We’ll be happy to learn more about you, your project, and how we can be of help.

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