Inspiralia new staff

Our expectations for this year are high on all levels, and at Inspiralia it’s the people that make the difference. That said, we keep incorporating more talent to keep up with the demand!

Since the beginning of January, we have welcomed three new employees to the company who fit in perfectly with the international profile of our staff. We can now count 21 nationalities and 12 spoken languages!

Romina does not only have a rich cultural heritage with roots in Argentina and Italy, she has 12 years’ experience of international consolidation and reporting, dealing with clients from all over the world.

Jonathan has a background in international public health and worked during a time period in Malaysia making healthcare more accessible to people in the rural areas.

Berta comes from the energy and environmental sector, her background mixed with an interest in entrepreneurship led her to start two initiatives in the past as an attempt to make the world a little bit more sustainable.

If you are curious by nature and consider yourself capable of making an impact in a growing international organization, we are always looking for new profiles.

Send your CV to and follow us on LinkeIn to keep up with our latest developments.

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