Inspiralia Group widens operations with new acquisition

Vienna based company, m27 Finance, allows Inspiralia Group intensify influence in German-speaking countries

As part of the company strategy to strengthen our services in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (GAS), the Group is happy to call the acquisition of m27 Finance.

m27’s core expertise is preparing the best structuring proposal and optimized financing plan for a project or company and implementing the best possible concept considering the strategic course set.

This service is characterized by productive, critical querying of the project ideas. Through vigorous analysis and scrutiny of a project idea(s), m27 ensures that companies receive a financially feasible basis for the implementation of their project plan. The company ensures the best solution depending on the phase in which it finds itself.

To achieve this, m27 puts together a specific mix of optimally coordinated instruments that ensure customer plans are fully financed for the next 18-24 months before any further financing round is required.

Alfredo Sánchez, Inspiralia Group CEO stated:

“We are very proud to announce the integration of m27 into the Inspiralia Group. After three years of working together we understood this would be the most natural step to consolidate a leading position in GAS”.

m27 holds Austria’s first position as EU funding procurers. With this tactical move, Inspiralia Group now counts on 140 employees and increases its total turnover to 22M€.

m27 Finance, allows Inspiralia Group intensify influence in German speaking countries
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