Innovation takes a new turn with Hacer Creativo

Inspiralia has invested its know-how, creativity, and innovation in the Spanish fashion design college Hacer Creativo. On the 11th of March, you have an opportunity to learn more about their educational program and listen to highly respected speakers from the fashion industry.

Hacer Creativo offers a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design but also other course constellations for anyone with a passion for fashion design. So whether you are considering to make a career out of your interest or just bring your hobby to the next step it’s worth checking out.

Get the chance to talk to both students and teachers at the center during the day and find out why Hacer Creativo would make a good fit for you. Xavi Reyes and Carlos Diez, both several times awarded fashion designers, will share their stories and experiences from the business and that is something you will not want to miss!

The agenda starts at 10:00 AM at Salón de Conferencias Reciento EXPO, Avenida Ranillas 1, Building 1D, First floor, Zaragoza.

For more information, contact Hacer Creativo directly or consult their LinkedIn page where information is regularly updated.

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