Inclusion, creating opportunities for everyone

Everyone has something to offer, we believe in the right to contribute

The roof top terrace at our Madrid headquarters is an oasis in the middle of the city. A perfect place to have a break, relax for a few minutes or enjoy lunch. Without doubt you could say it helps to improve the work climate, which is why we are so fond of it. An important reason it’s so inviting is the landscaping, a mix of trees, plants and flowers creating the right ambiance.

Another thing we feel strongly about at Inspiralia Group and highly value, is inclusion and equal treatment. We believe in everyone’s right to contribute, putting factors like gender, religion, and sexual orientation or disability aside. It’s well integrated in our company policy and present throughout our recruiting processes.

Now we have joined the two worlds and are happy to announce that Afanias is our new service provider for botanical maintenance. Afanias is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals with intellectual disabilities. They fight for their inclusion in society, help them develop and exercise their skills according to their capabilities so they too can contribute to society.

How does your company go around equal rights? If you come by our office we’ll invite you for a coffee, on the terrace of course, and we can talk about it.

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