HomeBiogas 2.0: a green way to manage your household waste and create clean energy

Our client offers an off-grid system that produces clean energy without any electricity to treat household waste.

With the help of Inspiralia, HomeBiogas has developed an advanced and cost-effective off-grid converter. Which transforms your household waste into biogas, a clean and renewable energy source – electricity free!

How to treat Household waste

This backyard appliance is extremely efficient – as well as decomposing your unwanted food scraps and animal manure into biogas (given the right conditions it can generate up to 3 hours’ worth of cooking oil to your kitchen every day). The leftover bi-product can also be used as natural liquid fertilizer for your garden.

HomeBiogas products have been available on the market since 2016. And we at Inspiralia feel very proud to have contributed to this revolutionary solution, which tackles waste management issues and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing costs, energy consumption and consumers’ environmental footprint.

Want to know more about HomeBiogas? Click through to HomeBiogas website.

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