Get around on a bike specially designed for you!

We humans, come in many shapes and forms and that is the beauty of nature, but sometimes nature play us a trick and not everyone fits in the so-called standard mold.

The ability to move freely is something we easily take for granted as long as we are not experiencing difficulties. Projects like the one you are about to learn more about are always gratifying to work on, where there is a clear problem – a solution – and an end-result that in this case improves the comfort and health of the end user.

Christoph Fraundorfer was an Austrian architect student that used to ride his bike to the University every day. With his 1.95-meter height, he ended up with back or knee pain regardless of the bike he tried. Realizing that what he needed was a bike personalized to his unique measurements, he found that on an average student income and with months and months of delivery time it was not going to be an option for him. During the next-coming 4 years, he researched, developed and optimized what turned out to be the first My Esel bike.

Since then, the company created back in 2017 can now offer a custom bike in mass production to customers worldwide. An algorithm calculates frame dimensions and the geometry of each bike to assure the right adjustments for each individual customer before it’s locally produced and given its characteristic look with the wooden frame.

When buying a My Esel bike you are guaranteed perfect power transmission and an orthopedic seating position that means goodbye to further bodily pains caused by biking in the wrong position. For more information on these cool, urban bikes visit the company website.
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