Forget about your wood deck maintenance for the next 10-15 years!

A smart technology to protect and restore (deck) wood from the nature itself.

As a homeowner you’re really never free, there is always something that needs fixing. And the closer you get to taking some time off work, the longer the list gets. It is true that some people enjoy and find relaxation in performing these tasks, but most of us dread the thought of leaving one job, only to find more waiting in our own backyard.

Picture yourself a balmy summer evening, the lawn freshly cut (maybe by the device developed at Fen Technology) and a cold drink in your hand. Suddenly you look down on your wood deck and realize it’s been far to long since you last gave it some loving care. The color has shifted, maybe you can even spot a bit of green in that corner over there… And the neighbors are coming over for the yearly barbeque party in two weeks!

The time has arrived to stop postponing and get to work!

Swedish company and Inspiralia client SiOO knows about temporarily rough weather conditions, and what they can do to wood. Their philosophy is to take care of the things we care about and make sure that everyone, especially our environment, thrives. This is being achieved by incorporating nature’s own smart resistance into their products. During the development of their product they had to dodge already established norms and the use of chemical additives in order to come up with a final result that they could stand behind and feel proud about.

The system, a patented silicon formula, used to protect the wood is a two step treatment where a basic wood protection us backed up with an additional surface protection. The formula, which is the base in all their product, provide strengthen to the wood, keep it fresh and leave it with a silver-gray patina that will restist for many years to come.

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