Austrian food giant SPAR reduces ecological footprint with the support of m27

Together, they submitted 46 successful projects to funding agencies

The SPAR company was founded in 1970 by the Reisch, Drexel and Poppmeier families, who still own 93% of the company. The remaining percentages are divided among different shareholders. Currently SPAR has over 82.700 employees in over eight different European countries, like Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

Which goals does SPAR pursue?

Even in the early years, SPAR worked with the goal of promoting regionalism and sustainability and this objective has not changed to this day. With this sustainability strategy, SPAR is one of the leading food giants and sends a signal to reduce its ecological footprint.

SPAR also makes sure that its branches are sustainable. In addition, they put in place a vast technology for indoor and outdoor areas to make energy management as efficient as possible. Another distinguishing feature of the SPAR branches is the adaption to the respective region.

The task of m27:

The greatest potential for energy savings comes from steam generation (46% of energy demand), followed by energy consumption for electric motors (26%), energy consumption for industrial furnaces (13%) and space heating and air conditioning (13%), and waste heat recovery, steam generation, heating, ventilation and lightning. In these areas, the CCP (Communal Credit Public Consulting) offers the opportunity to claim environmental subsidies. M27 project managers are always up-to-date in their area of responsibility and endeavour to deliver successful projects to their clients.

For several years, SPAR has been working with m27 Finance GmbH, a Vienna-based subsidiary of Inspiralia Group. The task of m27 employees is to collect and calculate all technical data in order to achieve the desired subsidies and grants. Finally, these data are submitted to the CCP. Furthermore, project managers are always in contact with the funding agencies to be aware of the current funding requirements. Due to the rapidly changing requirements, it is very important to be always up to date and that is one of their top priorities.

Since March 2018, m27 Finance GmbH has successfully submitted 46 projects for SPAR and concluded with a positive result. Many other projects are currently being processed by the CCP. Projects were submitted in the following areas:

  • Air conditioning & cooling
  • Energy saving measures
  • LED systems: LED systems have been standard in all SPAR branches for eight years now.
  • Heat recovery: In some stores, the heat is recovered from the ovens and air conditioning for the heaters.

In order to be able to perform beyond standards, m27 always meets their clients on the spot to really get to dive into their needs and opportunities. Therefore, clients are contacted on a regular basis to offer the best service.

If you are you thinking about applying for national or regional subsidies or grants, contact m27 to grasp and benefit from their tailor-made services.

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