Fighting for physical and environmental wellbeing

Citizen psychological and physical wellbeing is at stake

When citizen psychological and physical wellbeing is at stake, when the environment may suffer near industrial and agricultural facilities, LabService Analytica steps in and saves the day!

A project with winning potential and the Innovation Strategy services at Inspiralia turned out to be a hit when 1M€ of European public funding was secured to help the project take off.

The star device of the project in question is a real time, automatic and remote sampling system that measures odour emissions to assess the quality of the air. Citizens who live near industrial and agricultural facilities can experience psychological stress and symptoms such as insomnia, nausea, headache and difficulty in breathing due to continuous exposure. In more extreme cases odorous compounds can cause toxic effects such as skin, eye or nose irritation. The environment can also experience negative effects as photochemical smog formation.

Thanks to a software tool that was designed and implemented by our team the state of the device, and its network, in the field can be monitored as information is distributed and shared in the cloud.

LabService Analytica took the 360-degree ride with Inspiralia. With their project OdorPrep we got to accompany them through the innovation cycle, right from the start with idea generation, to the stage where they are currently at; international commercial expansion.

The Inspiralia Group made a significant leap last year with acquisitions of companies in the UK and Austria. We are now able to offer our clients even more specialized support (next level New Product Development by acquiring Fen Technology) and reinforce our presence in the German-speaking countries as a result of our union with m27.

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