Expodrónica – where ideas and drones come to fly

Expodrónica , the ultimate drone trade show, is coming to Madrid on the 4th and 5th of July and Inspiralia is proud to be co-organizing the activities.

Our Senior Engineering Consultant, Rubén Rodríguez, will participate on the investor panel for research and innovation, bringing his knowledge of European funding schemes to the table. But that is just one of the interesting panel discussions organized during the two days where companies as:  Airbus, DJI, Endesa, IBM and Indra among others, will be sharing their experience and thoughts on current and future application of drones.

The panel discussions are one of three blocks arranged during the upcoming two days, one of the other two being the Start-up challenge, where the purpose is to encourage and support innovation and promote entrepreneurial talent within the sector. Any start-up with a qualified drone project had until the 20th of June to enter the contest.

During Expodrónica the projects will be evaluated by the jury on the following points:

  • Innovation: relevant and differential aspects
  • Scalability: relevance in the market and internationalization potential
  • Feasibility: technically and commercially feasible projects
  • The entrepreneur and/or team: relevant experience and commitment to the development and launch of the project
  • Investment potential: interesting proposal to invest in

For the fortunate winner, Inspiralia is sponsoring with its consulting services to boost the project forward and by guiding the start-up in their application for European public funding, known as the SME Instrument.

As a final treat, Expodrónica is also hosting the Drone Champions League. Where 8 teams with over 30 of the world’s best pilots gather to show off their skills maneuvering racing drones flying at the speed of 140 km/h and with acceleration capacities of 0-100 km/h in 1.6 seconds!


One of the drone-related projects that Inspiralia have had the pleasure of being involved in, and where you can see how the use of drones’ help improve the sustainability in our society is AGRIDRONE. The companies behind have created a sensor that will be a gamechanger for the agricultural industry. It consists of a sensor, designed to fit commercial drones, that allows the moisture of the soil to be easily measured. By being able to do so, substantial savings in water, fertilizer, and CO2 can be made.

Furthermore, there are additional benefits for institutions as the technology can help in the important work of improving water bodies as well as facilitate in the fight against fire and landslides. Contact details here for more information.

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