Achieving four times faster throttle response than a Ferrari

Driving range extension of 16% in electric vehicles and 16-26% emission and fuel savings in all combustion engine driven vehicles is nothing to joke around about!

We continue with another revolutionary innovation in the vehicle industry. The team at Mazaro in Belgium stand behind the Reversible Variable Transmission (RVT) that is a radically new way of transmitting engine power. It has been designed to offer unrivaled fuel and CO2 reduction and dynamics, suitable for a broad range of vehicles, auxiliaries, and industrial applications.

The advantages offered aside from fuel savings and CO2 reduction will make any engine purr like a cat. On the list, we can find exciting dynamics, high driving comfort, silent operation, engine downsizing with a simple, robust and compact design.

The vehicles that will benefit from the RVT is not only limited to passenger cars, although it is suitable in the range from premium to high volume and small cars but extends to the public transport infrastructure through city buses, garbage trucks and material handling equipment that operates with frequent starts and stops.

We carry on with lift-trucks, tractors and construction vehicles that normally put a lot of pressure on the engine while running it at high speed while driving at low speed, the RVT permits these circumstances without slipping clutches.

Even the agricultural tractors have something to gain. Instead of using numerous gears the systems provide a much simpler system offering both extremely low and high speeds.

With all the benefits the system offers we hope to hear the RVT spinning under many hoods within short.

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