Making the journey last longer

It’s all about the journey and not the goal they say – here is to make it last longer!

Those who chose to change in their old polluting car for a more environmentally friendly one is gradually increasing. But until recently, making the good times last has been an issue as you can only get so far in a car that runs on electric power.

The resistance met in society related to the adoption process and the use of electric vehicles can partially be explained by the fact that there has not been any easy to-go solution available that prolongs the autonomy during long-distance travels. Electric cars are considered a great option for city traffic – shorter daily routes between home and work/school, etc. But when considering buying an electric vehicle, one of the reasons holding buyers back is the fact that they will not be able to go on occasionally longer trips even if they only account for a low percentage of most people’s daily driving habits.

With this in mind, and motivated to help reduce greenhouse gas emission, small particle emission, and dependency on fossil fuels our client, a French start-up, developed EP Tender, a range extending service for electric vehicles that provide a solution to the autonomy issue.

EP Tender is a mobile trolley that controlled through an application on your smart-phone can help you go that extra mile. It has a patented system facilitating driving in reverse, making it easy for anyone to maneuver as the trolley basically works as an extension of the car and doesn’t go the opposite direction as we are used to seeing other trolleys do. It even gives you that extra space to carry what wouldn’t fit in the car as the last suitcase that magically appears with its “very-important-can’t-leave-without” contents, just when you thought everyone and everything was packed up before leaving!

A dedicated company needs dedicated attention, Inspiralia has seen the project through and have had the possibility to both help obtain funding as to assist with our project management services. It has been a pleasure to see the project mature and develop in a very promising direction.

We love taking on projects like this with a positive social impact, is your company developing the next innovative revolution? Get in touch and find out how we can help you maximize the outcome.

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