Do you have a soft spot for improving society?

We are almost in the month of December already and that is when we normally tend to soften up, let ourselves get a bit carried away by the Christmas spirit and empathize more with others than we normally do.

At Inspiralia we put a pride in supporting good causes all around the year as part of our company culture, this takes its form in various collaborations with the Spanish Caritas or The Red Cross, participation in food and clothes collection campaigns to mention some initiatives.

As fortunate as we are to be able to support the Cid Casa Murcia Getafe BSR basketball team during the 2017/2018 season, the real heroes can be found among our clients and the projects they are developing to facilitate the lives of many.

Accessibility and autonomy are both human rights and from our own standpoint, cultural diversity is a necessity as a global business actor with employees from 20+ countries. What we can bring to the table is the experience, knowledge, technical capacities and partner network that our clients might lack to take their idea from napkin to market.

We have worked on several projects with the aim to improve the everyday lives of patients with vascular diseases, cancer diagnostics, and limited movement capacity.

Would you like to hear more about them, or is your company also devoted to making the lives of others a little bit easier but you lack the expertise to take the project to the next level?

Write us a few lines and let’s hope we can spread some all-around-the-year magic together!

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