Disconnect to connect

Some relax by folding origami, others get a kick from sea kayaking. It’s not so much about what you do, as about doing it! Get yourself some inspiration on how to disconnect from work and see what happens when one of us steps outside the office door…

Sometimes all we need to solve a problem is to look at it from another angle, get some perspective and leave yourself space and time to listen to your instincts. But do we always allow ourselves that time?

Here is to setting good examples! This video doesn’t only show a group of friends sea kayaking with folding kayaks along the beautiful coastline of the Spanish Basque Country. Sitting behind the paddle you get a lot of time to reflect! Disconnecting from one world means connecting with another, and that allows you to re-connect again with new energy and another viewpoint.

At Inspiralia you will find a group of people that work hard, but we love what we do and always look for ways to improve and grow. If you want to help us with that we have several open positions right now. More information here!

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