CHARM, the EU project we partnered started developing its work program in May 2022

Even though the consortium started working on the project in May, we had our official Kick-off meeting with all the team and the EU officer on June 9, 2022. 🏥🧬

CHARM will radically transform cancer diagnosing process and bring the emerging field of digital histopathology to the next level by developing a Class C (In-Vitro Diagnostic Regulation) medical device consisting of:

🔸 A turnkey, low-cost broadband Coherent Raman Scattering microscope (enabled by our already patented graphene-based fiber laser technology)
🔸 An Artificial Intelligence module based on deep learning, statistics, and machine learning

For developing this device, the consortium will follow a work plan of 6 steps, from designing and optimizing the laser to its dissemination, exploitation, etc.

CHARM is one of the EIC Transition Challenges projects funded by the EU under the Horizon Europe program to support moving technologies from laboratories into the real world. 🔬

Learn more about CHARM on their website

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