Destination STEM : Discover your scientific vocation

The STEM sector is for everyone

To discover their scientific vocation in a playful and fun way is what the ‘Destination STEM’ initiative from the Foundation for Innovation of La Rioja hope will appeal to young women of the region.

In addition, the foundation also hopes to reduce gender stereotypes as more young women realize their potential and start showing further interested in pursuing a future in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) sector.

All girls in the ages between 15 and 17 who enjoys taking on a challenge could become a STEM agent and at the same time discover their talent for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The STEM sector is one of high employability but despite this fact, few women choose this career path. With the support of Inspiralia and other companies like Naturgy, Telefónica and the Marketing Club of La Rioja, the Foundation for Innovation of La Rioja pretend to awaken the interest for these scientific disciplines among young women.

Four opportunities to put their knowledge to the test will be presented to the participants, Inspiralia is responsible for the Mathematics Mission. To pass this challenge the girls will have to design a sensor to measure excessive CO2 emissions and provide a proposal for a smart city.  There to mentor and provide them with a few inside tips is Gema Martín, she holds a master’s in environmental science and is one of many women with a STEM-profile at Inspiralia.

The other three challenges involve:

  • Designing a device to help benefit the heat from the sun in an efficient way.
  • Design a prototype related to the field of security.
  • Coming up with a solution to administrate drugs locally without affecting surrounding tissue.

We hope it will be a gratifying experience for everyone involved!

For another dose of motivation, the women of ‘She Can STEM‘ are some pretty amazing professionals. And remember that if she can, you can too!

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