Client Beatik hits milestone with app launch

“Better Scores, Better Musicians”

With the slogan “Better Scores, Better Musicians” Beatik summarizes the collaborative philosophy and aim to a worldwide contribution that lies behind the project. At this evenings event you will find out how and why the world of classical music is about to hit a new milestone.

With the release of the intelligent score viewer application, our client hits a new milestone in the world of classical music. The app and an international crowdfunding campaign were officially launched on February 27 at the Shigeru Kawai Center in Madrid.

At Inspiralia we are thrilled to see their hard work bear fruit. And even more so as we were allowed to help them in the process that has led up to this day. To see how we worked together to pursue their dream take a look at the video below.

Beatik is on a mission to transform the way in which professionals and the general public approach classical music. This will be achieved by developing technological tools to improve music education. Music knows no borders and Beatik is motivated to put the result of their efforts at the reach of anyone who shares the passion for classical music.

Since the beginning the company focused on listening to musicians, solving their concerns and improving their musical practices. They created the first products, which have obtained the recognition of the scientific community, the European Commission and several international institutions.

Who doesn’t like a sunshine story like this!? Let us know where you want to go and we will get you there together.

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