Inspiralia Business Incubator Company WeedOUT wins at Agrivest!

A much-deserved win for WeedOUT as Best Israeli Agtech Company was announced this month at Agrivest.

The WeedOUT solution is a new strategy in the world of weed control. By developing a proprietary product made with natural ingredients for the eradication of resistant weeds the company goal is to reduce the need for toxic herbicides and higher herbicide doses.


This innovative technology is based on the development of a special weed pollen that is applied via artificial pollination, leading to the natural abortion of weed seeds. This way, the next generation of viable seeds are effectively blocked.

Inspiralia is proud to be supporting the devoted people behind the project in the search for innovative solutions leading to a globally more sustainable future.
Our involvement is part of the company’s business incubator initiative where we provide young companies and entrepreneurs with workspace and invest in them both financially and by providing mentorship. This way we help them to take their technologies to the next level.

For more detailed information on the WeedOUT project please visit their website.
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