Innovative solution brought Inspiralia to the finals at ANCES Open Innovation

Developing new technologies adding intelligence to kitchen utensils was the challenge the three nominated companies were facing.

The ANCES Open Innovation* this year opened up for the participation in 13 challenges assigned by companies like BBVA, BSH, and Iberdrola. The candidates that made their way to the finals presented their innovative solutions in front of the jury at the BBVA Open Space in Madrid.

The challenge Inspiralia took on was nothing less than what BSH describes as: “New technologies that allow the creation of accessories or kitchen containers procuring new intelligent utensils or adding intelligence to current devices, through sensors, connectivity, cognitive systems, user interfaces, … being able to achieve a complete understanding between user and kitchen.”

Inspiralia Technology, represented by our Senior Engineering Consultant Rubén Rodríguez, with two fundamental areas of development and competence in electronics and simulation introduced a solution for control and integration of electrical appliances with planning algorithm and real-time synchronization.
The advantages of our solution are; cost savings as the required level of electrical supply can be estimated more accurately, avoidance of sudden electrical failure, storage systems for electrically self-sufficient homes and an interactive user experience through the mobile device application.

The technical department at Inspiralia, and more specifically the team dedicated to electronics can among other things assist your company with embedded hardware and software development, wired and wireless communication, sensor and intelligent systems, Internet of Things and industrial control systems solutions. Do you have a great idea but lack the in-house competence? Write us a line at

*Open Innovation ANCES 2018 is an initiative of the National Association of the CEEIs -ANCES- and 13 companies for the development of an innovative program of traction to the market of innovative companies. It is also part of an open innovation context, allowing more established companies to interact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and advance their technological challenges.

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