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Correct monitoring of pollution data is key to develop concrete strategies for emission reduction. This new instrument is easily transportable thanks to its lightweight design and allows testing for 4 greenhouse gases and 6 pollutants simultaneously. It's time- and resource-saving and offers a more dynamic way of conceiving valuable data.

Several variables determine the outcome of organ transplantation. This new tool based on molecular signature will help take better decisions to determine who is the most prone candidate to present a good outcome. Crucial as the number of patients in need of transplants exceeds the number of livers available.

High levels of environmental noise cause serious health problems in the industry sector. Many of them can be avoided but are irreversible once they occur. To avoid lowering situational awareness noise when using hearing protection devices, noise automatically adjusts to suitable sound levels. That they are comfortable, provide exceptionally long battery life and gives a smart alert in case of danger just makes them even greater.

An ultra-efficient gas heat pump fit for small apartment buildings can run on natural gas, biogas or H2 and gas mixtures, leaving end-users with an estimated gas use reduced by 30%, on top of the CO2 reduction. The advantages of a decentralized production are that no heat is being wasted and electricity loss during transportation does not have to be accounted for.

The world’s first off-grid digital signage totem, unlimited by electricity accessibility. Instead of competing against sunlight as a traditional LCD screen, this project captures the sunlight and uses it to split the power consumption in more than half. In addition, it’s faster and cheaper to install compared to other solutions.

For the innovation ecosystem to evolve in a game-changing, efficient and cost-effective manner and be able to manufacture nano-enabled industrial and consumer products, this project aims at creating an Open Innovation Test Bed in order to take the next step into the future.

Providing the metalworking and galvanizing industry with new Hot Dip Galvanizing furnace technology to decrease the energy use by 30% and increase the process efficiency by 25% while decreasing the overall environmental impact.