Adamo Robot signs Distribution Agreement with Fourier Intelligence

Adamo Robot combines physiotherapy with robotics to help improve the quality of life in Asia – now possible thanks to a new distribution agreement

Adamo Robot (a FutureSense Robotics company, and part of the Inspiralia Group) has announced the closing of a Distribution Agreement with Singapore based company Fourier Intelligence International and is thereby making an entrance on the Asian market with their collaborative robotics solution, ready to fill a gap in the medical-rehabilitation sector.

Adamo Robot is an automaton which with the use of compressed air performs pressure to produce the desired effects on the patient in question. It shows how combining physiotherapeutic methods with robotics can help improve the quality of life while providing a reliable time- and resource-saving solution. This device for physiotherapeutic treatments has been developed in Spain but is now ready to conquer the Asian market with the support of their new distribution partner.

The agreement between the two companies is effective since May 8 and for Adamo Robot it implies teaming up with a business partner who knows technology, has the human and financial capacity, and how is also an expert in the physiotherapy sector. The initial activities will start by equipping Singapore with the first robotic unit during 2020, followed by increasing the presence in India and Malaysia by 2021.

Carlos Jiménez Guajardo-Fajardo, Managing Director of FutureSense said,

“Our goal is and has always been to improve people’s health with collaborative robotics. By joining forces with such an experienced partner in the Asian market we are about to embark on a journey bordered by lots of work and new experiences. We are pleased to be engaging with this project and can’t wait to bring our technology to the service of the people.”

The COVID pandemic has shown, in all its harshness, the side effects on infected patients after passing through the intensive care units. They have suffered great pain, and continue to do so even after discharge due to their immobilization. Thanks to ADAMO the rehabilitation waiting lists can be shortened and the robotic system supports a 100% safe treatment both for the patient and the physiotherapist since no physical connection is made with the patient at any time, which in turn eliminates the risk of viral transmission.

The number one objective on both ends is based on being able to offer the greatest number of patients the best technology to treat muscle pain.

Owen Teoh, Global Head of Sales at Fourier Intelligence International Pte Ltd. said,

“Since the start, it has been Fourier Intelligence’s mission to bring the best of the best rehab technology from all over the world together through Fourier’s strategic partnership alliance. We feel confident that this agreement will bring further benefits to mankind and we are excited to be part of it.”

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