Active, without overactive bladder

The key to an active life, without overactive bladder

If you are suffering from an overactive bladder, the solution to your problems could be hiding in the bushes of Iceland!

When the spring sun comes out and starts defrosting the frozen grounds of Iceland it’s the beginning of a new season for our client SagaNatura. Nourished on pure air and soil grows the wild Angelica archangelica, the “secret ingredients” in SagaPro, the herbal supplement that help reduce the urinary frequency in men and women with low bladder capacity.

Angelica leaves help an overactive bladder

Inspiralia has accompanied SagaMedica, which is the commercial brand of SagaNatura, in their application for funding from the Horizon 2020 framework. Earlier this year we were all pleased to receive the news they were granted close to 1.6 million euros in public funding to further explore the possibilities related to one of their star products, SagaPro.

Our client has strong ties to Icelandic history. The medicinal herbs in their range of supplements have been used as herbal remedies by Icelandic ancestors for more than a millennium.

But with the strong tie comes a sense of responsibility, which is why the leaves of the wild growing plant are gathered by the locals. Making sure extra precaution is taken and that it is done in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

SagaPro is clinically studied and has shown to bring relief to different groups of people. Especially those suffering from bladder issues like an overactive bladder (OAB), will find alleviation normally within the first month of use.

By taking only 1-2 tablets per day several positive effects have been recognized as fewer trips to the bathroom,  bladder muscle contraction calms down and an improved sleep pattern which in turn can improve our general well-being.

Nature proves time and again that it is our most valuable resource, keep this in mind and show your support on Saturday 30 when it’s time again for Earth Hour.

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