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Agnes Simeonova

Agnes Simeonova is Bulgarian. She works as an Accountant and has a degree in law. Agnes speaks Bulgarian, Spanish and English.

Aleksandra Gruszkiewicz

Aleksandra Gruszkiewicz is German-Polish, she works as Partnership Manager and studied Business Administration & Production Management. Aleksandra speaks German, Polish, English, and Spanish.

Alfredo Sánchez

Alfredo Sánchez is Spanish, he is our CEO and holds a master in European Community Law. Alfredo speaks Spanish, English, and French.

Andrea Kirchmeier

Andrea Kirchmeier is Austrian, she works as Office Manager and has training in Technical Design.

Andrea speaks German and basic English.

Andreas Schwarz

Andreas Schwarz is Austrian; he works as a Consultant at Inspiralia DACH and holds a degree in Environmental- and Bioresource Management

He speaks German and English.

Ángel González

Ángel González is Spanish. He works as a Senior Innovation Consultant and holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology. Ángel speaks Spanish and English.

Anian Tröndle

Anian Tröndle is from Germany and Austria and works as Consultant for national R&D funding. He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor in Physics and speaks German, English and Spanish.

Anja Herman

Anja Herman is Austrian; she works as a Finance Assistant at Inspiralia GmbH and holds Masters in Accounting, Business Administration & Business Psychology and Organizational Development

She speaks Austrian, English, and little French and Italian.

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