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Agnes Simeonova

Agnes Simeonova is Bulgarian. She works as an Accountant and has a degree in law. Agnes speaks Bulgarian, Spanish and English.

Aleksandra Gruszkiewicz

Aleksandra Gruszkiewicz is German/Polish, she is our Business Incubator Director and studied Business Administration & Production Management. Aleksandra speaks German, Polish, English, and Spanish.

Alexandra Cárdenas

Alexandra Cárdenas is from Ecuador, she works as Head of Accounting and holds a Master in International Business Administration.

Alexandra speaks Spanish and English.

Alexandre Lupion

Alexandre Lupion is Suisse, he works as a Senior Innovation Consultant and holds a master of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Alexandre speaks English, Spanish and French.

Alfredo Sánchez

Alfredo Sánchez is Spanish, he is our Managing Director and holds a master in European Community Law. Alfredo speaks Spanish, English, and French.

Amalia Reyes

Amalia Reyes is from the USA, she works as Senior Innovation Consultant and holds a Masters in Psycholinguistics.

Amalia speaks Spanish and English.

Ana Ortiz

Ana Ortiz is Portuguese, she holds a PhD in Science and works as Senior Innovation Consultant. Ana speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Andrea Kirchmeier

Andrea Kirchmeier is Austrian, she works as Office Manager and has training in Technical Design. Andrea speaks German and basic English.

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