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Adam Duffy

Adam is British, he holds a Masters in Petroleum Geoscience and works as Senior Innovation Consultant.

He speaks English and Spanish.

Agnes Simeonova

Agnes Simeonova is Bulgarian. She works as an Accountant and has a degree in law. Agnes speaks Bulgarian, Spanish and English.

Aleksandra Gruszkiewicz

Aleksandra Gruszkiewicz is German-Polish, she works as Partnership Manager and studied Business Administration & Production Management. Aleksandra speaks German, Polish, English, and Spanish.

Alexander Alig

Alexander Alig is German. He works as a Controller and holds a master's in Accounting & Controlling.

Alexander speaks German, English, and Spanish.

Alexandra Cárdenas

Alexandra Cárdenas is from Ecuador, she works as Finance Manager and holds a Master in International Business Administration.

Alexandra speaks Spanish and English.

Alfredo Sánchez

Alfredo Sánchez is Spanish, he is our Managing Director and holds a master in European Community Law. Alfredo speaks Spanish, English, and French.

Álvaro García

Álvaro García Bárcena is Spanish. He works as Product Development Manager, holds a Computer Science Engineering degree and a Master on Internet of Things.

He speaks Spanish, English and German.

Amalia Reyes

Amalia Reyes is from the USA, she works as Innovation Process Manager and holds a Masters in Psycholinguistics.

Amalia speaks Spanish and English.

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