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Providing the market with a simple (low-leveltraining or calibration required), accurate (99% certainty with respect to wood species and 95% with respect to country of origin), fast 5 sec measurement and low-cost solution to ascertain the wood origin and solve illegal trade and quality fakes.

This technology enables nano-particles to bind to composites using a protein. It improves the performance properties of components and products made from composite materials, creating stronger and lighter parts especially interesting for aerospace, energy and automotive applications.

Ice formation causes significant issues with safety, efficiency, lifetime and the economic viability of wind turbine technology. As a result, wind turbines are not used as widely asthey could be, even though cold climates often offer the most potential in terms of wind.

Weed resistance is an urgent problem that is rapidly growing and spreading around the world. Non-diversified weed control programs that recurrently use the same herbicide Mode-of-Action (MOA) actively select for resistant weeds that are no longer responsive to this MOA.

Improving patient healing times and optimizing treatments are two of the objectives of this project which by combining robotics and the field of physiotherapy allows the possibility to increase the excellence of service. ADAMO is an automaton that uses compressed air to perform pressure produces the desired effects. And by doing so it has proven to be a solution to tackle one of the most transcendental and frequent ailments in our society – back pain. It's robotic technology at the service of people, allowing the improvement of the quality of life for many people.