People with special needs 2018-04-19T10:11:19+02:00

Universal solution able to climb any type of stairs in a quick, safe and comfortable way, improving the living conditions of millions of citizens in Europe and around the world. It also responds to the demands of construction sites, carriers, transporters and food and drinks sector markets providing safer and more durable devices to carry the goods.

Electric wheelchair capable of climbing stairs and all kind of architectural barriers, without external assistance, thus representing an enormous step for the autonomy and independence of people with reduced mobility. The wheelchair is provided with sensors to verify its surroundings and identify possible obstacles.

An adaptable drive-by-wire system that provides disabled people with a reliable and easy to operate driving solution. Other adaptive devices are unable to match the performance of conventional controls with time lagging between the execution of a control command making learning to drive difficult. This system provides an adaptation of standard production cars that allows driving to be as safe as it is for a non-disabled drive.

Portable smartpad with messenger app to connect to everyone (including the sighted) and server infrastructure comes as a response to the need for compensating technologies designed for the visually-impaired. It offers barrier-free communication, access to online network information and remote assistance services fostering the visually impaired integration in society.

Touch based bracelet system that allows efficient communication through senses other than vision or sound translating alerts & messages into vibration vocabulary through its smartphone app. It enables global and long-range connectivity conceived to communicate and to assist in daily routines as notifying alerts such as the ring of the doorbell or the crying of a baby, especially beneficial for the deaf community.

A device developed for people with paralysis, progressive muscle-diseases or arm amputations. Enables the person to operate a computer solely by using his or her mouth. The slightest movement of the lips will control the mouthpiece and move the mouse across the computer screen. By simply sipping and puffing, the person can trigger mouse clicks as with any standard mouse.