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Air pollution is the number one environmental health risk around the world, this solution using moss cultures to attract pollution can absorb particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide in its surroundings and convert the pollutants into biomass. The built-in IoT technology also collects climatic data and provides measurable rates of the impact the system have on citizens’ health.

An advanced system that by converting organic waste into biogas reduces waste management costs, energy expenses, and the environmental footprint. In addition, it delivers a clean energy source as the final product.

A remote-controlled vessel that can be installed on oil rigs, tankers and larger ships allowing immediate reaction and therefore help prevent oil from spreading further. The solution covers the time-gap of the first critical hours after the spill that other rescue actions normally take to mobilize.

ELOXIRAS is based on new advanced electrochemical oxidation technology. It can be adjusted to different RAS facilities (modular versatile), and is easy to operate without efficacy fluctuations and start-up periods, then can be also used on logistics operations to guarantee best fish transport conditions and efficiencies.