A greener solution brings light to the construction industry

Our home is our castle, but who wants to live in a high energy consuming and draughty one? Inspiralia will be supporting the technical development of a project that will improve the conditions in residential and non-residential buildings.

In the construction industry, there is a great need for low carbon and more efficient energy systems if we want to improve its sustainability and environmental impact. The solution behind the INSUPanel project consists of non-structural lightweight wall panels of precast concrete adjoined to each other, and the result is an improved energy performance and optimal comfort in both residential and non-residential buildings. The fact that the technology is 100% thermal bridge free and generates up to 94% savings on heating and cooling is simply extraordinary. As a positive side-effect, the healthiness of the indoor air is also improved.

“Inspiralia will help us upgrade the design of the panels regarding weight, mechanical resistance, durability, waterproofing, acoustic performance, waste reduction and energy efficiency from a cost reduction and sustainable perspective” says Juan Zorzano Gonzalo at Zorzano Construcciones, the company behind the innovative idea.

Inspiralia will more specifically, at our laboratory facilities, test the effect that various admixtures have on both fresh concrete mixtures and hardened concrete. To perform the testing in a manner that the following properties will be measured without any type of limitation the manufacturing of material samples is part of the tasks that will be carried out.

It is going to be an exceedingly interesting project where we will also be dealing with thermal simulations and constructive solutions. Our know-how is also required for the fulfillment of all technical and legal regulations to be summited to the authorities for the approval of the project.

For more information, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at: info@inspiralia.com

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