A bridge between the past and the future – Sponsored by Inspiralia

Set up with the latest technological gear a group of 18 adventurers is taking a travel back in time to when relations between Spain and Iceland where beyond frostbitten.

13 bikers and 18 adventurers in total are setting out on the 1st of July to follow the historical trail that binds Iceland and Spain together. The story goes back to the year of 1615 and an encounter between Basque whalers and the local settlers that ended with the death of 32 Spanish men.

The initiative comes from Hugo Scagnetti, Head of Innovation at Telefónica Spain, who last year made a solo-trip around the world in 80 days on his motorbike. This time he has teamed up with another 17 people.  Inspiralia, as a company committed to innovation just like Telefónica, is backing up the project alongside companies like Sigfox, Yamaha, Cardo, Anlas, Rev’IT, and Packtalk.

The motorbikes (Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré) are equipped with intercom and geolocation systems for route mapping, allowing them to be visualized on digital maps and social networks. A new immersive 360 video technology will be used to share this unprecedented human and historical adventure with the rest of the world.

The team will meet with various public organisms to nurture a friendlier relationship between the two countries. Through Inspiralia’s network on Iceland we will do our best to help improve relations and find ways to future collaboration.

We will be sure to keep you updated, but in case you have any questions please send us an e-mail to: info@inspiralia.com

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