75 years ago…who would have thought?

75 years ago…who would have thought? We come from a long tradition of engineers, innovators, problem solvers…They were born from an idea, contributing to the development of technology to move our world forward.

In 1946, the first foundations of our company were laid, and from that solid foundation, Inspiralia evolved in 2005.

Now we celebrate our 75th Anniversary, and we are very proud.

Our mission is to support our clients, to create, develop, and market innovative products. Today Inspiralia has driven innovation processes from more than 5.000 companies. We are present in more than 30 countries, and we are a leading company in helping innovators fulfill their dreams and find their place in the market.

We now have professionals with technical & scientific profiles from 23 different countries, all of them dedicated to help our clients.

To the clients and partners that walked with us in the past, we say…Thank you!

And to those who are yet to come, we say…Welcome to Inspiralia.

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