What can we expect from the EIC in 2023?

The 2023 Work Programme opens funding opportunities worth €1.6 billion in 2023 for scientists and innovators to scale up breakthrough technologies and create new markets. This year’s work program includes several novelties and pilot actions to support the New European Innovation Agenda, such as:

💥A set of eight challenges for start-ups and SMEs to become global leaders
💥Support to test EIC innovations among public and private procurers.
💥Enhanced support to women innovators, linking the EIC Accelerator to companies

On the other hand, in  2023 the EIC presented an updated set of EIC Challenges with a budget of over half a billion euros to support the priorities of the European Union. We can support yout to get funding from the EIC’s three main instruments: EIC Pathfinder (€343M), EIC Transition (€128.3M), EIC Accelerator (€1.13B).

Source: EIC Funding opportunities (europa.eu)

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