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Holistic cloud-based health management platform facilitating patient care in and out of a hospital ? connecting the hospital, the general practitioner, ambulatory and patient at his/her home. It allows synoptic visualisations of patient health history and an intuitive, simple and collaborative user interface accessible from mobile devices maintaining total data security confidentiality for the patient. Its the most comprehensive and affordable solution for digitisation of patients records.

Integrating automated anode repair modules, ruggedising the machine vision. This enables at least double the speed, accuracy, efficiency, safety and accountability of the process. It also eliminates propane use and the need to transport forks to a separate workshop, thereby reducing the carbon footprint by ca 48t CO2 pa. Aluminium smelters can have yearly savings of up to ?30 per ton of produced aluminium.

Metal cleaning machine that can apply precision cleaning on specific metal parts at a selling price below market and generating significant operating cost saving. It operates with the new generation solvents that have low surface tension allowing cleaning of parts with a complex geometrical shape, small capillaries, or made of a combination of plastic and metal. The new machine can recover between 98% and 99% of solvents creating energy savings of 40% and respecting the environment.

Radar sensor with disruptive technology enabling 3D mapping of objects and resulting in people identification, multiple people tracking and selection of zone of surveillance. This technology has never been attempted in any commercial device. This will result in more safe, reliable and difficult to circumvent home, industrial and commercial perimeter intruder alarms, keeping at bay criminals and terrorists.

A self-driving all-in-one machine that unifies all necessary process steps for harvesting and pelletizing. It reduces transportation cost for pre-pelletizing by 100%. Specific pelletizing cost is 70% lower than competing systems. It provides farmers, farm cooperatives and machinery contractors with a mobile harvester that enables cost-efficient pellet production in a single operation directly in the field.