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It makes possible borrowing tools, appliances and consumer goods from a 24/7 accessible facility. The compact facility fits into a container-sized space allowing it to be placed in train stations or other central locations within walking distance from urban consumers. Equipped with a mobile app it is easy to use. It saves money and storage space, increases the value extracted from items over their lifetime, reduces traffic and material footprint and supports local sharing economy.

Holistic cloud-based health management platform facilitating patient care in and out of a hospital ? connecting the hospital, the general practitioner, ambulatory and patient at his/her home. It allows synoptic visualisations of patient health history and an intuitive, simple and collaborative user interface accessible from mobile devices maintaining total data security confidentiality for the patient. Its the most comprehensive and affordable solution for digitisation of patients records.

Energy module method of adding oxyhydrogen to a biomass boiler 100% safely increasing efficiency by at least 25% offering the best combination CAPEX-OPEX in the market. The system will contribute to reduce energy dependence and minimize environmental impact for our target customers. it is compact and easy to transport.

Integrating automated anode repair modules, ruggedising the machine vision. This enables at least double the speed, accuracy, efficiency, safety and accountability of the process. It also eliminates propane use and the need to transport forks to a separate workshop, thereby reducing the carbon footprint by ca 48t CO2 pa. Aluminium smelters can have yearly savings of up to ?30 per ton of produced aluminium.

Packaging that combines 1) the novel active packaging concept, which regulates champignons transpiration and controls the humidity inside packaging and 2) a rigid design with a re-closable lid that ensures a total protection of champignon while preserving their organoleptic properties during the whole storage time. As a result the shelf life of champignon increases from the current 5/6 days up to 15 days.

Improve the safety and quality of fresh-cut products and extend the shelf life by 5 days minimising processing compared to current used technologies. The released into the fresh-cut product of natural compounds assembled with the packaging film retard enzymatic browning oxidation and maintains the product nutritional value improving microbiological stability.

A competitive standard silyl-modified polymers (SiMP) solution able to comply with all the technical and mechanical challenges and environmental regulations, offering great performance, no complexity over application and a greener profile for vehicle assembly.