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Holistic cloud-based health management platform facilitating patient care in and out of a hospital ? connecting the hospital, the general practitioner, ambulatory and patient at his/her home. It allows synoptic visualisations of patient health history and an intuitive, simple and collaborative user interface accessible from mobile devices maintaining total data security confidentiality for the patient. Its the most comprehensive and affordable solution for digitisation of patients records.

Personalised chemosensitivity test that predicts each patient?s response to guideline chemotherapies before prescription of the treatment. Using cancer cells from the patient?s tumour, they grow a biologically relevant 3D micro-tumour (spheroid) to test the drugs and analyse the response in advance. In the end, only drugs with proven efficacy will be applied in the patient?s therapy cycle. The technology can be easily translated to most types of solid tumours.

Implementation of Multiple Laser Surface Enhancement technology (MLSE) in a bandages manufacturing system to produce antimicrobial and hydrophobic bandages for sanitary use, based on natural fibres. Currently bandages with the said properties can only be produced by using synthetic fibres which results in a different feel to touch, reducing patient/user comfort and welfare.

Revolutionary approach for the resolution of inflammation and tissue regeneration for Osteoarthritis (OA) patients. A biocompatible and bioactive drug derived from a food supplement which provides less risk of side effects, reduces patient recovery time, protects articular tissues, reduces scar tissue formation and increases success for treating OA.

Toolkit platform where all medtech players, regardless of their medical field, can find relevant data, support and predictive analysis on critical decisions. Relying on a virtual market-place model, this solution will help de-risk projects and accelerate their path to market.

Modular robotic platform to the Life Sciences and Health (LSH) market with each group/tool designed to perform a single application related to sample handling (SH) including basic but time and manpower consuming tasks that, if automated, considerably increase laboratories? productivity and efficiency. The platform reduces development costs by 65%. This customisation process makes automation easily accessible to laboratories helping them to reduce costs and increase revenue generating activities.