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It makes possible borrowing tools, appliances and consumer goods from a 24/7 accessible facility. The compact facility fits into a container-sized space allowing it to be placed in train stations or other central locations within walking distance from urban consumers. Equipped with a mobile app it is easy to use. It saves money and storage space, increases the value extracted from items over their lifetime, reduces traffic and material footprint and supports local sharing economy.

Integrating automated anode repair modules, ruggedising the machine vision. This enables at least double the speed, accuracy, efficiency, safety and accountability of the process. It also eliminates propane use and the need to transport forks to a separate workshop, thereby reducing the carbon footprint by ca 48t CO2 pa. Aluminium smelters can have yearly savings of up to ?30 per ton of produced aluminium.

Radar sensor with disruptive technology enabling 3D mapping of objects and resulting in people identification, multiple people tracking and selection of zone of surveillance. This technology has never been attempted in any commercial device. This will result in more safe, reliable and difficult to circumvent home, industrial and commercial perimeter intruder alarms, keeping at bay criminals and terrorists.

A production method that obtains lightweight, flexible and robust materials for a large number of applications by producing thin layers of marble. One of the applications being the design of eyewear.

Camera solution for video-refereeing and performance analytics for Olympic combat sports such as fencing, taekwondo, judo and karate. This new technology will allow fencing federations around the world with video-refereeing and analytics, thus increasing fan engagement and sponsorship revenues to these organisations.