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It makes possible borrowing tools, appliances and consumer goods from a 24/7 accessible facility. The compact facility fits into a container-sized space allowing it to be placed in train stations or other central locations within walking distance from urban consumers. Equipped with a mobile app it is easy to use. It saves money and storage space, increases the value extracted from items over their lifetime, reduces traffic and material footprint and supports local sharing economy.

A radically new eco-friendly coating designed specifically for metallic exteriors on high-rise buildings. Our success formula is based on a 70%PVDF matrix with embedded TiO2 nanoparticles (innovation) that simultaneously protects the metal against corrosion, keeps the surface clean (photocatalysis) and purifies the air by reducing pollutants, thereby addressing EU challenges on raw materials, pollution and ozone depletion.

An automated robotic cable assembly machine substitutes delicate human workmanship reducing production cost and supply chain and increasing quality. The following is achieved: Layer Removal; cable wires sorting according to colours or lettering and cable welding by laser.

A bio-based wood coating that gives the European woodworking and furniture manufactures? a long-lasting solution with the first triple based system of one-component water-based coating. Due to its affordable chemistry based on seaweed polymers. It will reduce drying time and have less grain raising, improved wood wetting without the use of surfactant, less foam formulation, more glossy final aspect and increased hardness.

Utilisation of organic and inorganic materials in clay bricks to improve thermal and acoustic insulation proprieties without compromising their production process and final mechanical properties. It improves on current insulation technologies offering comfortable internal climate, favourable to the health of its occupants and users and protects the structure against the climate related effects of moisture and their consequences.

Physical vapor depositions coatings for the production of everyday appliances while providing an extended colour palette, increased wear resistance and lower toxic emissions. Overcoming barrier associated to the use of PVD coatings with a single composition colour tailored solution. The main advantage is low synthesis temperature. The materials may be produced at room temperature and thus be suitable for application on a range of substrates, including temperature sensitive ones.

Map underground utilities by developing a novel detection technology to improve knowledge of geolocation of underground utilities and help prevent hundreds of injuries every year across the EU. The technology reduces the reliance on the interpretation of the operator and has the ability to differentiate between types of pipelines in different soil conditions. In the EU it has become a safety priority to improve underground utility (UU) network detection protocols.