Integrated and Cost-Effective Solution to reduce the volume of Pig Slurry, minimize Pollutant Emissions and Process Energy Consumption

The increase of EU pig production and the intensification of its practice resulted of an increase of pig waste production. Pigs are raised indoor and the manure collected is mostly slurry. Pig farmers need to treat a great volume of residue with high viscosity and variable physico-chemical composition. The leaks and air emissions associated to pig slurries storage and handling lead to new socio-economic and environmental challenges. In response to these manure handling problems, guidelines and regulations have been introduced in many EU countries. In order to comply with these regulations, farmers are forced to change farming practices by investing in manure storage and disposal facilities and manure treatments which increase the total production costs.

The aim of EfficientHeat is to develop an affordable technology for all types of farmers which reduces the transportation cost, currently accountings for almost 60% of the total processing costs. EfficientHeat will also permit an increase of the energy efficiency up to 20% and the abatement of emissions (N-compounds) reducing foul odours. Additionally, EfficientHeat will also provide for nutrient recovery for recycling and reuse.

Inspiralia will study the behaviour of slurry type fluids by means of simulation tools, and will optimize the performance and the energetic efficiency of existing evaporation technologies for pig slurry treatment (up to 20%) with the design of a new heat exchanger which avoids the formation of a gas layer on the tube wall for better heat transfer rates.


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