A wearable miniaturized fall detection system for the elderly

Falls among the elderly occur frequently. Approximately 30% of people over 65 fall accidentally each year, and for those over 80 this rate raises up to 50%. Morbidity by these falls includes severe physical and psychological shocks, loss of independence and even death. The consequence of late response to falls or not attendance due to failed detection, is 2 million persons per year having to be hospitalized in Europe, from which approximately 85.000 deaths can be attributed to this fact. Getting help quickly after a fall reduces risk of hospitalization by 26% and death by over 80%.

The Vigi'Fall™ device developed in FALLWATCH project is the first miniaturized wearable and radiocommunicating fall detection device for the elderly. It consists of a miniaturized radiocommunicating embedded electronics device patched to the person. It has to date no equivalent around the world in the area of health parameters monitoring of subjects with a health status demanding a permanent survey.

Inspiralia’s work in the FALLWATCH project is a perfect example of the multidisciplinary work of the different areas of expertise of Inspiralia´s Research Areas by providing:

• Miniaturizing Electronics.
• Wireless connection.
• Electro-chromic device

This project is currently in its commercialisation stage as a Demonstration project (2012-2014).


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