Innovative fire protective coatings for steel structures

Current methods to provide fire protection of light steel structures include the use of intumescent paints, which are typically applied on-site on a mounted structure using brushes or spray guns. Such treatments are generally achieved through the preparation of the surface by grit/shot blasting, followed by the application of a primer, and followed by the application of several layers of intumescent coatings. This methodology has a number of drawbacks for a large community of end users, drying times of intumescent coatings are very long, resulting in high cost associated to labour, site disruption, and space required for painting.

STEELPROST project has developed a second generation of intumescent coatings with enhanced fire resistance and mechanical properties, water-borne, halogen free technology with reduced toxic gases emission, and reduced drying times.

STEELPROST Consortium, coordinated by the European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS), has closely collaborated with Asociación Industrial de Navarra (AIN) from Spain and Slovenian Contruction Cluster (SGG) as driving force for the development and exploitation of the generated industrial property rights. The three Associations, in collaboration with the end users (Talleres Ruiz from Spain and Razpon from Slovenia) and the SME supply chain members (Bersch und Fratscher from Germany and Alcea from Italy) have successfully implemented and absorbed developed foreground. In order to finally reach the market, SteelProst Consortium has set an action plan that has included a Demo project application.

To generate the innovative foreground, Inspiralia has participated as Technical Manager, technology integrator and developer of the quick drying techniques, playing a key role in the successful achievement of SteelProst.

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