Developing European standards for bee pollen and royal jelly: quality, safety and authenticity.

Currently, there are no standards at European level for certain bee products like pollen and royal jelly. Few countries in Europe have some guidelines or regional standards for other products than honey. This means that it is possible to find products in the market under these labels without any quality and authenticity control. This might imply a risk for both the consumer and the small and medium enterprises of the sector, which not only have to compete with cheaper products produced in Eastern and South American countries but also compete with a product that sometimes is not even pollen or royal jelly.

The main idea of this project is to help European Beekeeping Sector overcome their critical situation of uncertain sustainability, by developing an inexistent and necessary quality standard for the two higher added-value apicultural products other than honey: pollen and royal jelly, and laying the foundations of a future European regulation.

4 associations lead this project, the European Professional Beekeepers Association, Orszagos Magyar Meheszeti Egyesulet from Hungary , Federacao Nacional Dos Apicultores from Portugal, and The Centro Tecnológico Nacional De La Conserva y la Alimentación from Spain.

Inspiralia is in charge of designing and developing the Decision Support System for bee pollen recognition though microscopy image processing. Due to its sound experience managing FP projects Inspiralia is also be the project coordinator of APIFRESH.

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